Why our open air photo booth is the best option for you...

Photo Booths have become an ever growing part of events, weddings, parties and conferences, just to name a few.  We offer our guests and hosts the chance to come away with fun, instantly shareable, personal souvenirs.  With our open air photo booth, you can easily fit a group of friends or family into images and not be confined to a small space.

RRP Photo Booth is crafted by photographers with industry leading image quality, using only the best cameras and software to help render the most amazing images for YOU!  We are photographers with over 15 years of experience at weddings and events throughout Ontario...we have literally photographed EVERYTHING!!!

With a high quality camera, professional lighting and a range of fun backgrounds, you'll end up with photographic quality 4x6 or 2x6 prints in a range of exciting layouts - customized especially for your event.  What's more, our photo booth's integrated touchscreen also allows guests to add filters, email, text and send their images right to Facebook and Twitter from the event!  They can even create multi-image animated gifs!  Try getting that from a cramped, retro photo booth.


  • An on-site photographer
  • 12" touchscreen
  • Professional lighting
  • High quality DSLR camera
  • Photo filters
  • Infinite background options 
  • Real photo prints on demand
  • Instant social media and email sharing
  • Animated GIF creations
  • Creative backdrops and props
  • An optional keepsake photo album
  • No unnecessary cramping or squishing
  • Smiles, fun and plenty of memories

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